School Under a Metro Bridge – in colour

I have been following the progress of Mr Rajesh Kumar Sharma’s  School Under a Metro Bridge in Delhi since 2012 and I thought I should share some of my colour work to complement the earlier all black and white images in the original post and do have a look at the school’s Facebook page, meanwhile enjoy the pics below!

Two boys walk towards the school under a metro bridge in the morning

A boy sweeps the ground in front of the blackboards before class begins at the school
Children play on the foam mats before the teachers arrive at the school
Rajesh Kumar Sharma (centre) and other teachers at the blackboards at the school

Anil Kumar Lal a volunteer teacher teaches children etiquette and politeness among other things
A child jumps for joy as classes end and he leaves the school
9 year old Ravi Kumar does his homework on a charpoy at his home on the Yamuna Bank

Method: all natural light, Nikon D700 and D3s


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